Banking Financial Services and Insurance (BFSI)

Mutual Fund / PMS / Insurance reconciliation services takes care of the fund house’s entire financial reconciliation needs. Be it an investor level reconciliation wherein, books of accounts are tied with the receivable or payable position as per the Registrar and Transferor Agent or the book level reconciliations, we provide assurance to the fund house with respect to the accuracy of the balances in the books.

We provide a software driven approach to match transaction level details. Our software is adept at handling any data formats and have the capability of churning huge volumes of data. The various transactions and accounts covered in the reconciliation services are as below:

    Mutual Fund
  • Unit Capital (Receivables / Payables)
  • Subscription Account
  • Redemption Account
  • Switch In and Switch Out
  • Brokerage Account
  • Dividend Account
  • Expenses Account
  • Custody Account
  • Interest Account
  • PMS (Portfolio Management Services)
  • Holding Account
  • Credit Card / ATM
  • Trading Account
  • Bank Reconciliation

    Insurance Company
  • Policy to Money Reconciliation
  • Updation of Rural / Urban sectors in Premium Register
  • Updation of Rural / Urban sectors in Premium Register
  • Refund Payable account Reconciliation

  • ATM reconciliations
  • Switch reconciliations
  • Credit Card reconciliation
  • Loan accounts reconciliation
  • Nostro Accounts
  • Forex Accounts

  • Reconciliation services across Product Category
  • Assistance in providing skilled resources for operations
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